Feb 05, 2014  |  MikeBloomberg.com

Following the announcement that CVS will stop selling tobacco products in their stores by October 1, Mike Bloomberg issued the following statement:

"CVS's decision to eliminate tobacco sales is a major milestone in the effort to reduce tobacco use - and it sets a new bar for all companies that market themselves as pharmacies and health care centers. Just as no responsible doctor would put a cigarette machine in the office lobby, no responsible pharmacy should put cigarettes behind the counter. Pharmacies should help heal people, not make them sick. This is a smart and forward-looking move that will help save lives - and force other companies to confront this critically important public health issue."

Congrats @CityofAtlanta & @KasimReed on the decision to benchmark #EnergyEfficiency for buildings http://t.co/QBMUtPr2Dc #CityEnergyProject
about 1 hour ago
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