Jan 24, 2012  |  MikeBloomberg.com

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) 2012 energy outlook confirms that America is moving beyond coal.

As noted by the Sierra Club, rising coal prices, EPA clean air standards, and state renewable energy standards all contributed to the EIA’s downgrading coal’s future. The agency predicted coal’s market share of U.S. electricity production would drop from 44 to 39 percent from 2010-2035, a figure down from their prediction of 48 to 44 percent in last year’s energy outlook.

As Mike Bloomberg said following a recent victory in the fight against coal, “We are clearly witnessing the end of our dependency on coal and the move toward a cleaner energy future. As important we are helping to provide cleaner water and cleaner air to communities and our citizens across the nation."

In partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign is working to retire one-third of the nation’s aging coal plants by 2020 and replace them with clean energy by 2030. The campaign helps to ensure enforcement of current environmental laws, joins local communities in opposing existing plants, and encourages the use of alternative energy sources.

Click here to learn more on how you can join the fight for clean energy and take the pledge to move beyond coal.

Thanks @AlGore for spreading the word on the importance of moving @BeyondCoal https://t.co/ZBsHGPmXvM
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