Op-Ed: Rapid Urban Growth Requires Prompt Action
May. 27, 2015   |  The Financial Times
Seeing the future does not require a crystal ball - just an understanding of cities.
Apr. 29, 2015   |  Bloomberg View
Mike Bloomberg joined Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp for a discussion on climate change and investing in new energy solutions at the 2015 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit.
Cities around the world are taking the lead in fighting climate change - and determining the course of our planet's future.
The US-Israeli Bond Endures
The Jerusalem Post
The Genesis Generation Challenge is one of the countless partnerships between American and Israeli citizens. The competition showcases the eagerness and dedication of everyday citizens who seek to better their world.
Op-Ed: Why I'm Betting on Cities and Data
The Huffington Post
How can cities rise to meet big new challenges - and serve more and more people - with resources that are always stretched thin? By finding smart ways to use a resource that is always growing: Data.
Billy Salomon's Leadership School
Bloomberg View
Over the course of one's life, there are a few people who have a major influence on the way you look at the world and define what is most important. For me, Billy Salomon was one of those people.
Bloomberg Sees a Way on Keystone
The New York Times
Mike Bloomberg does not let ideology get in the way of finding practical solutions to difficult problems.
Keystone Solution Runs Through Canada
Bloomberg View
Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Keystone pipeline could open up a rare opportunity to achieve progress on climate change.
VIDEO: Mike Bloomberg in Conversation with Legendary Actor Amitabh Bachchan
Bloomberg Television India
Legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan and Mike Bloomberg discuss the real danger that climate change poses and what it could mean for countries like India.
Bloomberg Bullish on India's Future
The Times of India
The UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael R Bloomberg on Monday said he was "very bullish on India's future" and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's efforts to push India for sustainable growth, driven by innovation and ambitious clean energy goal.
Five Reasons I'm Going to India
The Huffington Post
The last time I visited India was shortly before I was elected mayor of New York City in 2001. Now, as India's role on the global stage is rapidly growing, I'm going back.
The American Dream Can Only Be Fulfilled If Our Top Students Have the Opportunity to Attend Our Top Colleges
The Huffington Post
Through a Bloomberg Philanthropies partnership with the College Board and other non-profit organizations, we will provide students with one-on-one, real-time college advisors who will support and communicate with students.
Mike Bloomberg, Now a U.N. Climate Envoy, Presses the Case for Urban Action
The New York Times
Mike Bloomberg is making a fresh push for urban action to blunt climate impacts and greenhouse gas emissions as the United Nations Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change.
Thank you @CoryBooker! Great to have such a strong supporter of #CleanEnergy in Congress. https://t.co/NTZ5XhRWW8
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This site will help you learn more about the issues important to me and the causes I've supported in business, philanthropy, and through public service.

I've been fortunate to have been involved on a wide range of issues in the private sector through my company, Bloomberg LP, through my foundation, and through my tenure as Mayor of the City of New York.

This site is a great place to learn more about those issues and what you can do to get involved.

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