5 Animals Who are Not Disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg

By NYC.gov - FEB. 19, 2013

Today, Mayor Bloomberg announced the new "We Are Made in New York" Initiative at BuzzFeed. The initiative includes a comprehensive website that brings together City resources to help entrepreneurs and attract new startups to New York City, such as a map of employment opportunities with the more than 900 local startups that are currently hiring for over 3,000 jobs; an advertising campaign that highlights Made in NY tech companies through digital ads and ads on subways and buses; and an expansion of the "Made in NY" logo program beyond the film and television industry.

Since BuzzFeed is famous for lists, such as the "33 Animals that are Extremely Disappointed in You," we came up with our own list. Here are the 5 animals who are not disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg.

1. Osborne the Sea Lion. Getting a kiss from him was even better than Lady Gaga.


2. Staten Island Chuck, the famous groundhog. He and the Mayor don't always get along - but they find a way to work together anyway.


3. The penguins from Mr. Popper's Penguins, a movie that was also Made in NY.


4. The zebra and horse that escaped on Staten Island. (They ran fast, so we had to Photoshop this one.)


5. One of Hollywood's biggest movie stars, and a big Yankee fan: Kermit the Frog.