Economic Growth Among Top Accomplishments of Bloomberg's Third Term

By - OCT. 20, 2011

With 806 days left in the Mayor’s third term, tremendous accomplishments have already been made. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

On Sunday the Daily News reported on Good times coming back to the city: Tech, real estate, education & tourism lead way out of recession.

And editorialized that New York is booming in more ways than you can count.

Today The New York Times reported that the world’s great universities continue to change plans and jockey for a position to create a new engineering and applied science school in New York City as two top suitors are emerging for new graduate school of engineering.

The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows that New Yorkers agree, with the Mayor at a 54% approval rating, up 9 points from the previous poll.

But that is only some of the story…


Economic Growth

  • Launching an Applied-Sciences Campus: New world-class science and engineering facility will position NYC as innovation and tech capital of the world.
  • Growing the Tech Sector: Passed Boston in venture capital funding for tech start-ups to become second only to Silicon Valley.
  • Setting Tourism Records: Expect to hit 50M visitors in 2011, an all-time high, and the result of major marketing investments by the Administration.
  • Setting Film & TV records: More television series currently being filmed here than ever before.
  • Supporting Entrepreneurs: Created new small business incubators to help entrepreneurs launch new start-up companies, and helped 639 entrepreneurs get loans totaling $21 million – in 2010 alone.
  • Bringing Back Coney Island: Opened Luna Park, which hosted a record-breaking 450,000 visitors in first year.
  • Revitalizing Willets Point: Issued an RFP to transform 12.7 acres into a mixed-use, sustainable community and regional destination. First phase will create 1,800 permanent jobs and 4,600 construction-related jobs.
  • Breaking Ground on Hunters Point South: Project will include 900 units of housing, 5 acres of open space, 20,000-square-feet of retail space, and a new 1,100-seat intermediate and high school.
  • Starting the Young Men’s Initiative: Launched the nation’s most comprehensive effort to increase job and educational opportunities for young black and Latino men.

Economic Growth: NYC vs. US

  • Lessening Impact of the Recession: NYC entered the national recession later, came out sooner.
  • Creating Jobs: NYC has recovered almost all of the jobs lost since Dec ‘07. Meanwhile, the country is still down 6-7%.
  • Lowering Unemployment: Unemployment has been lower in NYC than the rest of the country since the recovery began (which reverses many years of worse unemployment here than the rest of the U.S.).

Budget Management

  • Balanced Budgets: Completed balanced budgets without tax increases or layoffs of teachers, police officers, or firefighters. During this same time period, other large cities laid-off teachers or police officers, or raised taxes to continue providing the same services.


  • Won Race to the Top: Helped NYS win Race to the Top, whose funding helped spur reform on teacher evaluation, placed an emphasis on student achievement, and supports innovation in the classroom.
  • Raised the Charter Cap: Successfully led the charge to raise the State cap on charter schools.
  • Increased Graduation Rates: Graduation rates now at an all-time high of 65%.
  • Eliminated Rubber Rooms: Eliminated reassignment centers, or “rubber rooms,” where teachers accused of misconduct or incompetence were assigned pending resolution of their cases.
  • Targeting Truancy: Launched the first ever interagency, citywide campaign to combat chronic absenteeism and make sure that children are staying in school.
  • Reforming Teacher Tenure: Announced and implemented a system making tenure something that is earned, rather than automatically granted.

Public Health

  • Implemented Restaurant Grading: Launched comprehensive restaurant grading system that has improved restaurant cleanliness and given New Yorkers more information about restaurant choices.

Public Safety

  • Cut Crime: Crime is now 35% lower than it was in 2001.

Equal Rights

  • Helped Pass Gay marriage: Helped convince the State Senate leadership to bring the bill to the floor and worked hard to secure Democratic and Republican votes to pass the measure.
  • Defended the Islamic Community Center: Stood up for NYC’s historic values and the First Amendment.


  • Opened the 9/11 Memorial: The Memorial opened in time for the 10th anniversary, as the Mayor had committed to doing.
  • Reached Historic E. River Greenway Agreement that will allow for a waterfront esplanade to be built from 38th to 60th, the last major hole of the Manhattan greenway, something first proposed by the Dinkins Administration.
  • Finalized transfer of Governors Island to the City: Completed July 2010, more than a decade after President Clinton sold the Island to the State for $1.
  • Realizing Brooklyn Bridge Park: Recent agreement with community and local leaders creates a funding stream for completion of Brooklyn Bridge Park.


  • Launched East River Ferry Service: Launched a three-year pilot project to create a convenient and sustainable transportation option for commuters. Ridership has exceeded expectations, with annual projected Year 1 ridership of 410,000 passenger trips.
  • Borough Taxi Plan: Worked to bring legal taxi service to the vast majority of neighborhoods that don’t have it. First proposed in 1971, the bill passed both houses of the legislature and the Governor has expressed support for its goals.
  • Bike Share: When implemented next summer it will be the largest bike share program in the nation.
  • Expanded Select Bus Service: Created dedicated bus-only lanes for Select Bus Service on First and Second Avenues from 125th Street to Houston Street, improving rush hour travel times by 15%, and ridership by 9%.


  • Created the Partnership for a New American Economy: In June 2010, brought together mayors and the CEOs to form a bipartisan coalition making the economic case for immigration reform. The coalition started with fewer than 20 members and now has over 350 members in all 50 states.
  • Launched Immigrant Incubators: Announced 3 new pilot programs to assist immigrant-owned businesses start and grow in NYC.
  • Launched Personnel Clinics: Introduced a series of immigration clinics to help technology startups with immigration-related personnel problems.


  • Found New Source of Funding for NYCHA: New arrangement allows the City to receive Federal support for thousands of public housing units that previously had never received it.
  • Hitting Affordable Housing Plan Targets: Reached 125,300+ units out of our 165,000 goal. 75% of them are for low-income New Yorkers.


  • Phasing out Dirty Heating Oil: Adopted new rules to phase out over 20 years the use of Nos. 4 and 6 heating oils, which contribute more particulate pollution than all cars and trucks in the city combined.
  • Adopted One of the Most Comprehensive Green Infrastructure Plans: Building more permeable surfaces including blue roofs and green roofs, porous pavements, tree pits and more – to capture and retain storm water, reduce sewer overflows and flooding, and save New Yorkers more than $2 billion.

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