In Case of Screw-Up At The Polls, Tweet #NYCvotes or Call 311

By - NOV. 01, 2010

The Wall Street Journal writes about Mike's call to all New York City Voters to keep an eye out for problems at the polls on Tuesday. During his weekly radio address sunday 10/31, Mike renewed his call that New Yorker's tweet #NYCVotes or call 311 to report problems on November 2nd.

The Wall Street Journal writes:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, worried there could be a repeat of what he branded the "royal screw-up" of last month's primary election, urged New Yorkers on Sunday to report any problems at polling sites Tuesday by calling 311 or posting messages online.

"Voting is, after all, the very foundation of our democracy and the integrity of the process cannot be compromised," he said during his weekly radio address.

"There is no excuse for mistakes or poor management at polling sites, and so we are asking all New Yorkers to report any problems they experience on Election Day," he said. "You can call 311. Or, if you're a Twitter user, simply tweet your experience using #nycvotes."

Last month, the city Board of Elections replaced the old lever-voting machines with a new electronic-scanning system, causing a wide array of problems.

Some poll sites opened hours late. Many of the new machines malfunctioned. And many voters complained about a lack of privacy and mass confusion.

Mr. Bloomberg and other elected officials have said they are deeply worried these problems could resurface when a larger number of voters head to the polls Tuesday to cast their ballots for governor, Congress, state attorney general, state comptroller and the entire state Legislature.

"We hope there's few problems, but given how the Board of Elections handled the primary, we really don't have a lot of confidence," Mr. Bloomberg said on Friday.