FEB. 11, 2010

Whether it's revolutionary education reform or becoming the first big city to impose a smoking ban in restaurants and bars (an initiative since followed by hundreds of cities around the country, and numerous countries around the world, and is credited with saving countless lives), New York often sets the pace for cities across the country and around the world. Under Mike Bloomberg's leadership, New York was a model for innovative and common-sense initiatives.

Mike streamlined city government to make it accessible and transparent. Most notably, he launched 311which allows New Yorkers to dial 311 at any time to request government information or non-emergency services. New Yorkers can call 311 for any number of reasons from requesting advice on health benefits to scheduling a trash pickup at their apartment to applying for a business license.

311 is just one example of the many ways that Mayor Bloomberg’s innovative approach to government improved the quality of daily life for New Yorkers. Other improvements included an overhaul of the City's Noise Code to reduce unwanted or excessive noise; implementing the SCOUT program that sends inspectors across the city looking for problems on City property and fixing them; and making New York the cleanest it has been in 30 years.