Mike Bloomberg & Spider-Man Team Up to Help NY'ers Find Jobs

By NYC.gov - NOV. 17, 2010

Peter Parker lost his job as the result of a noble act to protect a co-worker. Now unemployed, Peter has been working hard to make ends meet and continue to fight crime as Spider-Man. But even New York’s most famous super hero needs a day job. Download the Marvel® Comics App to watch Mike Bloomberg help the Amazing Spider-Man find a job, and view Marvel’s® newest comic strip featuring Mike Bloomberg.

View and download excerpts from the new Marvel "Job Hunt" Comic Book here and here.

The full-color, eight-page comic features an out-of-work Peter Parker, frustrated and at a loss about how to find a new job. A serendipitous meeting with the Mayor helps to put him on the right track. The unique comic is available for free download online via iTunes through the popular Marvel Comics app (www.marvel.com/marvelcomicsapp). The New York Daily News is also printing a special edition of “Spider-Man: You’re Hired” at no cost to the City, appearing in over 600,000 papers with a list of all the Workforce 1 Centers in the City where the comic will be available.

The Department of Small Business Services oversees a system of nine Workforce1 Career Centers located throughout the five boroughs, which provide New York City jobseekers with a full array of free employment services, including job preparation, training and job placement in a professional setting. Since 2004, the Department of Small Business Services transformed a system that was placed New Yorkers in about 500 jobs a year into one that placed New Yorkers in more than 25,000 jobs in 2009. To find a Workforce1 Career Center and learn about services, New Yorkers can visit NYC.gov or call 311.

Two additional one-page comics have also been created in conjunction with this launch. In the first comic, Spider-Man can be seen at various well-known New York City attractions describing the great free job services that the City offers. Workforce1 Career Centers are located throughout the five boroughs and provide job seekers with a full array of employment services, including job placement, career counseling, professional development, and access to training opportunities. In the second comic, Spider-Man takes his friend Mary Jane to learn more about the “Made in NY” Production Assistant Training Program. Developed in partnership between the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, this free program helps diverse New Yorkers gain access to entry level positions in the entertainment industry. The program is currently recruiting for applicants.

The one-sheet comics are available for download on NYC.gov and can also be seen on phone kiosks and other signage throughout the city. A public service announcement featuring the comics can also be seen in City taxi cabs and on NYC life (channel 25) and NYC gov (channel 74), the City’s government station. The public service announcement, which debuted on Wednesday, explains the project and encourages people to download the comic. The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment has worked closely with the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission to ensure that the public service announcement can be seen by as many people as possible. It can also be viewed on the NYC Media Video On Demand Player available on nyc.gov.

“Job Hunt” – produced by NYC Media, the official television, radio and online network of the City of New York and part of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment – offers expert advice about navigating the job market and features New Yorkers who have taken advantage of City resources. In each episode of “Job Hunt,” a panel of experts and recruiters shares tips on resume building, interview skills, and landing a new job. Episodes are available to watch online at NYC.gov on the NYC Media Video on Demand Player.

More details via Marvel.com:

If you picked up a copy of the New York Daily News today, maybe you spotted something a bit different inside: a free Marvel Comic. That’s right: a certain web-slinging wonder’s there to greet you in between the pages and it’s all in the name of public service.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: YOU’RE HIRED, available free in the Wednesday, November 17 edition of the Daily News, may also be scored to download onto your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using the Marvel App. Did we mention it’s free?

This one-of-a-kind comic’s story spotlights the range of New York City’s public employment services by using Spidey’s alter-ego Peter Parker, the world’s most prolific jobseeker, as an example of how to use the city’s all-important system.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: YOU’RE HIRED boasts the creative team of writer Warren Simons and artist Todd Nauck with a cover by Phil Jimenez. Get yours with the Marvel App!