Mike's iPad Inspires Ideas for Efficiency in City Government

By NY Times - JUN. 03, 2010

From the NY Times: Michael R. Bloomberg: the iPad mayor? The latest fixation in City Hall is the iPad and exploring ways that City Officials can use the tool to make government more efficient. "We’ve got to find ways to do more with less," Mr. Bloomberg said. The NY Times writes:

Mr. Bloomberg showed off his iPad, which he purchased in May, at a question-and-answer session with Staten Island residents on Tuesday night. He said it might soon replace the thick dossier of schedules, budgets and news articles he receives each day.

The mayor, who is 68, has always portrayed himself as a bit of a tech fiend. He built an empire out of a technical contraption of his own, the Bloomberg terminal, and he uses a BlackBerry for e-mail and an iPod for Spanish lessons



Founder of Bloomberg LP


Whether you’re looking to build a small business or you’re a mayor looking to strengthen city services – a strong media and tech sector is good for everyone.

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