New York City Again Named Safest Big City in America

By NY1 - MAY. 25, 2010

According to FBI crime data, New York City continues to be the Safest Big City in America. The report shows that total crime decreased by 5.1 percent in New York City during 2009, outpacing national trends. Murders fell by 9.9 percent, compared to 7.2 percent nationwide. According to NYPD Compstat data, crime is down an additional 1.5 percent citywide for the first five months of the year when compared to 2009 levels.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg told the Associated Press: "The NYPD and their partners in law enforcement continue to prove they can find ways to further drive down crime, even while faced with the impacts of a severe economic downturn and as the City remains the number one target for terrorists seeking do to harm – something we all were reminded of once again just this month. We will continue doing everything possible to keep making the safest big city in the county even safer."

According to data in the FBI report, of the 25 largest cities in the country New York City again recorded the lowest Index Crime rate, ranking safest. Of the 263 U.S. cities with populations larger than 100,000, New York’s crime rate ranked 245th, placing it between Garden Grove, California, and Sunnyvale, California.

No other city with more than 262,000 people ranked safer than New York City.