On President Obama's Plan to Increase Tourism to America

By NYC.gov - JAN. 19, 2012

Today in Orlando, Florida, President Obama announced steps designed to help boost tourism and travel to the U.S., including processing visas faster at high-demand consulates in China and Brazil, developing pilot programs to reduce wait times for renewals and expanding the Global Entry Program for trusted travelers.

Statement of Partnership Co-Chair Mayor Bloomberg

"The President’s decision to take steps to boost international travel to America will help spur economic activity and job growth across the country, including in New York City. Last year we set a record for the number of tourists who visited New York City – more than 50 million – and those tourists are one of the reasons why our city’s economy has weathered the national economic downturn far better than most other cities. Yet existing visa policies have turned away countless tourists who want to visit our city and our country, costing us billions of dollars in lost economic activity. Last week I pledged that we would make a new push in Washington to increase international travel to the United States, and today the President has taken an important first step toward making that happen. Tourists want to come here to spend money in our shops, restaurants, and hotels, and we shouldn’t stand in their way. We will do everything we can to support the President in this effort to open our doors more widely to foreign tourists, and to help get our economy back on track."

Statement of Partnership Co-Chair Marriott International, Inc. Chairman and CEO J. W. Marriott, Jr.

"We’re thrilled with the President’s announcement to augment efforts to reform our visa and entry systems to allow more people to experience the United States. There is such tremendous opportunity to increase economic output and jobs by welcoming more visitors. We look forward to working with the Administration to put into action the steps outlined today, and will continue to be an active partner in bringing down barriers to travel."