State of the City 2012

NOV. 17, 2011

On January 12, Mayor Bloomberg delivered the 2012 State of the City Address at the Morris High School Campus in the Bronx. In 2012, New York City will lead the way by pushing progress in city schools to the next level, making the economy a global capital of innovation, and making the government the most innovative of any in the world:

  • New York City will improve schools by attracting, rewarding, and retaining effective teachers with programs that include loan forgiveness, increased salaries, and new methods for teacher evaluation. Successful charter systems will be expanded, students will be better prepared for college and careers, and the City will help students claim federal financial aid for college.
  • Citywide economic growth will be facilitated by expanding industries, creating jobs, connecting New Yorkers to job opportunities, and increasing the minimum wage.
  • Innovative solutions to government will be implemented across all city agencies in order to streamline operations and better serve New Yorkers.

For a summary, full text, and specific sections on education, the economy, and government innovation, see below.