Statement of Mayor Bloomberg on Heat Wave and Precautions the City is Taking

By - JUL. 15, 2013

The following are Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s remarks as delivered this afternoon at the St. Albans Community Living Center:

“It’s going to be very hot and humid this week. The weather can be dangerous, especially for those without air conditioning, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions. There are about 425 cooling centers that we have open around the city for those needing relief from the heat. For the locations and hours and for more information on avoiding heat-related illnesses, please visit or call 311. And remember to check in on family and friends and neighbors, especially seniors, to make sure they’re okay. Also, heat can be very dangerous for pets so use some common sense: limit the length of walks, make sure pets have plenty of water and never leave pets alone in parked cars. It’s going to be a hot week, but it’s also going to be a very fun week and a week where we really are appreciative of the great entertainment and of those who got us and keep us where we are, the greatest country in the world and the greatest city in the world.”