Statement on the Repeal of Military Gag Order Preventing Military Commanders from Discussing Personal Guns with At-Risk Officers

By - DEC. 21, 2012

“I want to thank Congress for taking an important step today to reject the NRA’s attempts to tie the hands of our military commanders who are trying to help armed services members who may be suicidal. Military suicides are occurring at the alarming rate of one per day, the majority of which involve personal firearms. Nevertheless, in 2011, the NRA wrote and Congress passed a provision that prevented military commanders from even talking to at-risk service members about access to firearms. Today’s commonsense reform will make sure that our military leaders are no longer hamstrung and can do everything possible to protect those who serve our country. Thank you to the suicide prevention advocates and retired flag officers who came together to end the harmful impediment that put the interests of the gun lobby ahead of the interests of our military families.”


Founder of Independence USA PAC, Founder of Everytown for Gun Safety, Co-founder of the Partnership for a New American Economy, and Co-chair of Building America's Future


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