Updating New Yorkers on the Shooting of NYPD Officer Ivan Marcano

By NYC.gov - OCT. 24, 2012

The following are Mayor Bloomberg’s remarks as delivered at Bronx Lebanon Hospital this evening.

“Well good evening. I’m joined by Commissioner Kelly, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway, Chief of Department Joe Esposito, Chief of Patrol James Hall, Chief of Internal Affairs Charles Campisi, Chief of Transit Joe Fox, Dr. Eli Kleinman, the NYPD’s Chief Surgeon, NYPD Deputy Chaplain Monsignor Robert Romano and PBA President Patrick Lynch.

“Another evening at a hospital – this time Bronx Lebanon Hospital – because another one of our police officers, Ivan Marcano, was shot responding to a crime while off-duty. Officer Marcano was on Harrison Avenue here in the Bronx when he observed a crime in progress. During an exchange of gunfire, Police Officer Marcano was hit but he did fire his weapon and he struck one of the perpetrators, killing him. The other suspect fled.

“The doctors here at Bronx Lebanon, including Dr. Alexandra Meis – doctor, right here – who is with us today, have given him excellent care, and I’m relieved to report that he is in stable condition.

“Commissioner Kelly and I just met with him and his family. Officer Marcano joined the Police Department back in 2007 and he is assigned to Transit District 12. Commissioner Kelly will fill you in on the details of what transpired tonight and what we’re doing to capture the suspect who escaped, but let me say that this is another case of guns in the wrong hands ending in violence.

“It is the 12th NYPD officer who has been shot this year and the second officer we’ve seen shot this week. Thankfully the news tonight did not end tragically, but as we saw on Tuesday with the murder of Nassau County Police Officer Arthur Lopez and last year with the murder of Police Officer Peter Figoski, these incidents sometimes really do end where the police officer does not go home to his family.

“Police Officer Marcano was protecting our city and putting his life on the line, even when he was off-duty. And it’s the work of officers like him that have pushed the number of shootings this year down and has us on pace for an all-time record low in murders this year. But it’s on nights like this when you have to ask yourself, ‘What is everyone in Washington doing? Why aren’t the two men who want to lead our country offering real plans to protect the men and women who protect us? Where are they tonight while we are here?’

“Our officers and every American deserve more, and tonight we’re just thankful that Washington’s indifference to our police didn’t result in a far worse tragedy."


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