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Messages from Mike

Bloomberg Philanthropies Commits $10 Million to the International Rescue Committee

Bloomberg Philanthropies Donates $6 Million to World Central Kitchen

Together, We Will Stop the Spread of COVID-19


Mike’s Message to Essential Workers During COVID-19

Mayors on the Frontlines

How Louisville, KY is Supporting Residents During COVID-19

Local Businesses in Grand Rapids, MI Step Up

How Rochester, NY Helps Families Access Meals During COVID-19

How Local Businesses in Rochester, MN Support Each Other

Paterson, New Jersey Is Focused On Contact Tracing To Slow The Spread of COVID-19

How Denver, CO is Promoting the Use of Masks

How Costa Mesa, CA Plans to Jumpstart Its Economy Safely

How Montgomery, AL Helps Students With Distance Learning

How Fort Collins Helps Support Its Homeless Population During COVID-19

How Tacoma, WA Helps Its Most Vulnerable Residents Afford Rent

The City Of Oakland Is Using Data To Safely Open Outdoor Spaces

How Anchorage, AK Uses i-team Innovation to Control COVID-19 Spread

How Dayton, OH Provides Mental Health Support to those in Need

How Albuquerque, NM is Supporting Its Creative Economy

How Akron, OH is Expanding Testing to Combat COVID-19

How Bozeman, MT is Responding to COVID-19

Oakland, CA is Using Data to Safely Open Outdoor Spaces

How Saint Paul, MN is Thinking Outside of the Box in Response to COVID-19

How Columbia, SC is Helping Its Most Vulnerable Residents

Supporting Nonprofits During COVID-19

Supporting NYC Women’s Shelters During COVID-19

A Beacon of Hope For Students

Making HIV/AIDS Care Accessible During COVID-19

Supporting Artists During COVID-19

How India Home Supports Seniors During COVID-19

How Museums Help us Connect to Culture During COVID-19

How Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center is a Beacon of Hope For Students

Insights from Experts

What is Contact Tracing?

Why Do Vaccines Take so Long to Develop?

What Contact Tracing Means for NY

Why Support to Africa is Essential for Global Health

Why Do We Need Antibody Testing?

When Can We Reopen?

Remdesivir as a Potential Treatment

Why Communities of Color Are Disproportionately Affected by COVID-19

Why There’s Cautious Optimism About At-Home Tests

Indoor Vs. Outdoor COVID-19 Spread

Why Masks and Social Distancing are Crucial to Fight COVID-19

The Progress of COVID-19 Treatments And Vaccines

Why New COVID-19 Cases are Spiking in the U.S.

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa

Why We Need to Remain Cautious as America Reopens

COVID-19 in Children and Reopening Schools

Global Networks in the Time of COVID-19 w/Partnership for Healthy Cities

Using Data to Predict COVID-19 Outcomes

Effectively Slowing the Spread of COVID-19 in Africa

Going Back to Work in the New Normal

NY State’s Contact Tracing Program

Have We Flattened the Curve?

Preparing for Contact Tracing

Adjusting to Life During COVID-19

Why COVID-19 Survivors are Donating Blood Plasma

How Germany is Using Contact Tracing to Stop the Spread