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Remarks as Delivered: Mike Bloomberg Delivers Major Address About His Jewish Identity and Values, Support for Israel, opens in a new window

This election is about whether we recognize that all groups who have been marginalized, excluded, repressed, scapegoated, vilified, or far worse rise and fall together. And that our best hope – and our only hope – is in standing together, rejecting demagogues who try to seduce us by dividing us, and uniting behind the only shield that can protect us: our common values as American citizens and our common humanity as God’s children.

Daily Read: Florida Unites for Mike With Rally, Campaign Opening 20 Field Offices Across the State, opens in a new window

|Sheekey Daily Read

After a meeting in Tampa with mayor Jane Castor this morning, Mike Bloomberg will host a kickoff event this afternoon in Miami for “United for Mike,” a coalition of Jewish Americans proudly supporting Mike because they know he is the leader to end the chaos of the Trump presidency. Mike will discuss his Jewish upbringing and the values his parents instilled in him, his commitment to Israel, and the strong action he will take as president to reduce the number of anti-Semitic attacks and hate crimes.

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