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Daily Read: Michigan Poll - Mike Bloomberg Holds Widest Lead Against Trump Among Democrats v. Trump, opens in a new window

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The Clock Is Ticking: As Democrats focus on Iowa and New Hampshire, Donald Trump is in the states that will turn this election — including Wisconsin last night. As Mike tweeted yesterday evening, battleground states like Wisconsin will decide the 2020 election. This is not a joke.

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Daily Read: Bloomberg Campaign Snowballs to 1,000 Staffers and Counting - Politico, opens in a new window

|Sheekey Daily Read

Read of the Day: Mike Bloomberg’s Campaign Snowballs to 1,000 Staffers – Will Continue to Grow (Politico)

The unprecedented scale and scope of the campaign gives Mike Bloomberg a massive footprint in states that hold their primaries on March 3 or later.

Bloomberg is also working to provide a Democratic counterbalance to President Donald Trump in parts of the country vital to his party in November.

Daily Read: Mike Bloomberg Blasts Role of Early States in Democratic Nominating Process, opens in a new window

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Mike took on the Democratic nominating process for placing an outsized emphasis on Iowa and New Hampshire, saying the states lack diversity and such a focus risks ignoring battleground contests, in a CNN Op-ed today.

“While it’s great that candidates reach out to voters in these states at every pancake breakfast and town hall around, what about African-American, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islanders, and other voters in places like Detroit, Montgomery, Phoenix, and Houston?”

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