Mike Bloomberg 2020


Statement of Michael R. Bloomberg on the Impeachment of President Trump, opens in a new window

The House did its duty under the Constitution. Unfortunately, it increasingly appears that Senate Republicans will not. The issue won’t be settled until November, by the American people.

Every School Shooting Since Trump Took Office, opens in a new window

You're in Charge: Tear Down the Walls, opens in a new window

Some people like to build walls.  I like to tear them down. When I left my company for City Hall, I made clear that I expected our company’s tradition of openness – with no private offices – to continue.  When I returned to the company 12 years later, I noticed that some people had technically complied: They didn’t build their own offices, but they had created private conference rooms filled with family photos and personal items.

Mike Bloomberg outlines first of several plans to propel the country towards a 100% clean-energy future, opens in a new window

So far, we have retired 299 out of 530 coal plants across this country. And we have a commitment to retire all of them by 2030. I think given what’s happening across the country and the public’s understanding of the damage that these plants are doing, not just for long-term climate change but to the short-term environmental issues in the water we drink and the air our kids are breathing, and that sort of thing, this is not an unreasonable goal.

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