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Eleven Mayors From Across the Country Endorse Mike Bloomberg for President of the United States

January 22, 2020

Groundswell of Mayoral Support Continues to Build, Totaling 20 Mayors Nationwide

WASHINGTON — Eleven mayors from across the United States today endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, saying he is the candidate with the executive leadership, record, and vision to unite the country and rebuild America. Mike has now been endorsed by 20 mayors across America.

“We are honored to have the support of so many mayors across the country,” said Mike Bloomberg 2020 Campaign Manager Kevin Sheekey. “These local leaders solve problems and deliver results for their communities on a daily basis. Mayors know Mike did the same thing in New York City for twelve years. And they know he will bring that innovative approach to the White House to get things done for the American people.”

The mayors endorsing today hail from Arkansas, California, New Mexico, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Today, Mike will address more than 270 mayors from across the country at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 88th Winter Meeting in Washington, DC. He will share his progressive vision for the future, including his plan to bring America’s infrastructure into the 21st century.


West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon

“As Mayor of West Memphis, my top priorities include bringing economic opportunities to this city for our people, public safety, creating a quality school system, a cleaner city, and investing in a bright future for our children. The vision Mike Bloomberg has for our nation ties into the work we’re already doing and would like to expand on. I believe in Mike because he’s done it. As an entrepreneur, three-term mayor of New York, job creator and problem solver, Mike has long been focused on ensuring that every American has a chance at the American dream. I am fully invested in the growth and success of West Memphis and know our city is a corridor of opportunity. I encourage the citizens on this side of the Mississippi to review Mike’s policies – from healthcare to housing, voter access to empowerment, infrastructure to criminal justice reform – he will get it done.”


Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas

“After years of turmoil and instability in the White House, we need a leader who will focus on the issues that matter the most in our communities, like combating climate change, keeping us safe from gun violence and creating an economy that works for all. Mike Bloomberg has the experience needed to bring people together and rebuild our country.”

Coronado Mayor Pro Tempore Whitney Benzian

“We are in a unique and critical moment in the nation’s history, and leadership from the White House is more important than ever to ensure a bright future for generations to come by tackling climate change, gun violence and building an economy that works for all. Mike Bloomberg uniquely has a record of bringing people together and getting things done. Mike has taken on many of our biggest fights, and won.”

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina

“When it comes to protecting our environment, one candidate is far ahead of the pack: Mike Bloomberg. What differentiates Bloomberg from the Democratic pack is twofold: his environmental plan is detailed and it’s doable. The environment clearly isn’t just another issue for Bloomberg, one that he needs to talk about because everyone else is. When it comes to climate, Bloomberg found his voice years ago and is a global leader in his own right. His proven record on fighting climate change is exactly the leadership we need in the White House.”

Moreno Valley Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez

“Mike’s record of accomplishment and getting things done is unmatched by any candidate in the race, which is why I am proud to endorse him for president. He is a problem-solver and a doer, not a talker, with an outstanding record of accomplishment on the issues that matter most in California, such as the environment, the economy and education. We need strong leadership from the White House to help rebuild trust in our country, and there is no better candidate to get it done than Mike Bloomberg.”

Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey

“As a Mayor, I know that the people who we serve don’t care about party labels and partisan bickering. They expect results – and they expect us to deliver, each and every day. That’s what public service is all about, and it’s time we had a president who believed that too. I’m supporting Mayor Bloomberg for president because he’s shown us again and again that his first priority is delivering for the people.”


Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima

“More than ever, we need leaders in Washington who will hit the ground running on Day One. The challenges facing our country – from climate change to skyrocketing health care costs to rebuilding trust with our border communities – are too great for someone to learn on the job. For us who live on the border, we see every day the impact of Washington’s failure to find common ground. Mike has shown us time and again that he is an executive who can deliver results. We need that leadership today.”

Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber

“Mike is the only Democratic candidate who can defeat Donald Trump. His record of accomplishment is unmatched. He takes on big issues – like climate change – and gets things done. He will win – and he will be a great president who brings us back together.”


Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy

“Mike Bloomberg is a problem solver who will address the real challenges we face as a nation. At a time of great division in our country, we need a president with a proven track record of bringing people together and getting things done. From his global leadership on climate change, to improving gun safety, to creating jobs and increasing economic growth, Mike understands the need for data-driven policies that will move our country forward and strengthen middle class families. I am proud to endorse Mike Bloomberg for president of the United States.”

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

“When it comes to supporting our communities, I know Mike Bloomberg will get it done. Americans need a candidate who recognizes their potential and Mike has an all-in economy plan that will give them the opportunity to thrive in good local jobs. As president, Mike will prioritize modernizing job training to provide valuable skills needed for income growth. We need that investment in every corner of the country and I know Mike is the candidate that will put America to work.”


Media Mayor Bob McMahon

“I’ve seen Mike’s ability to make progress on tough issues through our work together with Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He has a proven track record of taking on big fights, like gun safety and climate change, and I know he will bring that same fight to the White House. He is the only candidate who can bring our country together.”

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