Mike Bloomberg 2020

Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr. Endorsement Remarks in Augusta, GA

December 6, 2019

Remarks as delivered by Mayor Hardie Davis, Jr. in Augusta, Georgia

“I want to formally endorse my friend and who I’m voting to be our next President, Mike Bloomberg.

“When you look at the tone in Washington and understand how toxic it is and the fact that it spread across the country, Mike Bloomberg is a refreshing leader, a unifier, who understands that we have more in common than what divides us.

“Mike Bloomberg is a leader who is not afraid of tough issues and challenging conversations. He has worked houndlessly to create coalitions and to build bridges to establish lasting common sense solutions that work. That is what we need in local, state and federal government. We need a strong, proven leader in the White House and that is why I support Mike Bloomberg.

“Not only do I support him, but when I think about his twelve year run as Mayor of our nation’s largest City, an incredible body of work in philanthropy, supporting liberal causes from green energy to sustainability and the lives of human beings, I thank my friend, Mike Bloomberg, for the work that he has done and will do for these United States of America.

“At a time when the heart and soul of our country is being divided, we need a leader who has been touched by the better angels of our nature. Mike Bloomberg is that leader. And so, I welcome him to the City of Augusta. I not only welcome him to our City, but I formally endorse him as our next President, Mr. Mike Bloomberg, the mayor.”

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