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Illinois Congressman and Congressional Black Caucus Member Bobby L. Rush Endorses Mike Bloomberg, Saying He Will Be a ‘Terrific President Who Gets the Job Done’

January 21, 2020

Rush Named National Co-Chair for the Mike Bloomberg 2020 Presidential Campaign

CHICAGO — Today, Democratic Illinois Congressman and a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus Bobby L. Rush endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president, touting his executive and government experience as what is needed to unite the country and defeat Donald Trump.

Rush said he was frustrated with the current administration and said America needs a calm, measured, and experienced leader who isn’t going to have to learn how to govern on the job. He praised Mike’s success in business and government, and said that every American would benefit from his level-headed approach, experience, and honesty.

“Mike gets it, he instinctively understands that economic opportunity — economic equity — has been and for far too long, ignored for African-Americans,” Rush said. “He alone, among the current Democratic candidates, has been the clearest, the most focused, and the most reasonable voice for addressing the depressed state of the African-American economy. His Greenwood Initiative is not only inspirational, it’s practical and it’s doable.”

The Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign also announced that Rush would be named a National Campaign Co-Chair, and advise the campaign on a number of key political and policy issues.

“Congressman Bobby Rush has dedicated his life to building a more open, inclusive, equitable, just and prosperous America — as a civil rights activist, pastor, and leader in Congress, where he has been a force for change on issues we both feel passionately about, including health care, gun violence, and poverty,” said Mike Bloomberg. “I’m honored to have his support – and as our campaign continues to build momentum, we will benefit from the wisdom and advice he will offer as a National Co-Chair of our campaign.”

Rush’s work reflects a deep determination to bend the arc of government resources and innovation towards the needs of every American — whether they live on our nation’s main streets or its side streets. Rush fights every day for his constituents; to improve their lives, grow the economy, bring jobs to his district, and build a stronger middle class.

Rush is an American politician, activist, ordained minister, and the U.S. Representative for the 1st congressional district of Illinois. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Army. He has served in Congress for more than two decades. He was also a civil rights activist during the 1960s. He endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008.

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