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Jewish Community Leaders React to Mike Bloomberg’s Speech on Jewish Identity, Values and Support for Israel

January 26, 2020

In Miami today, Mike Launched United for Mike and Pledged Strong Action Against Anti-Semitism

MIAMI — Following an event in Miami today, leaders from the Jewish community are expressing their support for Mike Bloomberg, citing his leadership in government, philanthropy, and deep commitmment to fighting anti-Semitism and supporting Israel. Earlier today, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg delivered remarks on his Jewish identity and values and how his heritage will inform his presidency and launched United for Mike.

United for Mike is the national coalition of Jewish Americans who are supporting Mike Bloomberg 2020. Additionally, Jewish leaders from across the country will help build support for Mike’s candidacy by serving on the United for Mike Leadership Council. United for Mike will host Bagels for Bloomberg events in communities around the country to share Mike’s record and vision with Jewish Americans. Learn more about United for Mike here.

Reactions from Jewish community leaders:

Ari Ackerman, United for Mike Leadership Council Co-Chair: “Mike Bloomberg is the most qualified man to ever run for President! As a business leader, a philanthropic icon, and a winning politician, he is uniquely qualified to restore American pride and prestige. He is relentless in his pursuit of protecting our planet, our children, our heath, and our humanity. As a proud Jew, I am comforted by his principled fight for justice for all and his relentless battle against the pure evil that is anti-Semitism. I am a strong patriot of the greatest country to ever exist which is why I am fully behind and support the next President of the United States, Mike Bloomberg!”

Alisa Doctoroff, United for Mike Leadership Council Co-Chair: “Why am I supporting Mike Bloomberg for President as a Jewish American? Because he believes in justice, truth, and honor and this moment in our country demands these values. Because he believes that life is precious and we have a responsibility to preserve and improve it for the future of all Americans, as well as all on this earth. These beliefs are, indeed, in sync with Jewish values, but Judaism values deeds above beliefs and Mike Bloomberg is nothing if not a doer. And a hugely successful doer at that. His deeds have demonstrated time and again what he stands for, proven what he believes in. Whether politically expedient, popular, easy – or, more likely, not. He has made vast contributions to the advancement of public health, slowing of climate change, improving gun control; he has shown us that government can be effective and improve the quality of life in cities of all sizes; he has improved educational access and attainment for students of all backgrounds, stood up for the rights of immigrants, minorities, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ+ people. His record of achievement in business, government and philanthropy – rooted in these beliefs – is extraordinary. I have no doubt that the same will be true as President.”

Michael Douglas, Actor: “Mike Bloomberg is the ultimate mensch and frankly, I think the best candidate since JFK. He has given his time to public service and helped millions of New Yorkers lead healthier, better, more productive lives. He also happens to be one of the great philanthropists of our time. When he becomes president, he will help steer this country in a morally sound direction and our nation will benefit for generations.”

Patricia Halfen Wexler, United for Mike Leadership Council, co-founder and Managing Director of Starlight Ventures, and speaker at today’s United for Mike kickoff event: “Mike Bloomberg is the leader America needs. He is a true supporter of Israel. And, he is a constant campaigner for tolerance. I moved here from Venezuela and became a citizen before the birth of my second child in 2012. I insisted we get our new baby a passport. As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and a Venezuelan who witnessed my community disintegrate under Chavismo, I know how important it is to have a safe, welcoming and thriving place to call home. I’m proud to be an American. In these trying political times, I feel obligated to get involved in this presidential election. There is so much at stake: our climate, gun safety, the rise in anti-semitism, and intolerance of all kinds. Mike will take on these issues the day he arrives in Washington. He is a calm, successful, pragmatic, level-headed man who holds values that include everyone. He has an open heart and he will restore unity in Washington and get the job done.”

Phil Levine, former mayor of Miami Beach, United for Mike Leadership Council and an American businessman: “Mike Bloomberg isn’t just a good friend to the Jewish community, he’s Jewish. And, when he is elected president of the United States, he’ll be the first Jewish person to have that distinction. Mike has led a life of tzedakah. He gives. And then he gives some more. He also cares about the issues that matter so much to us as Jews. He cares about the planet, our climate, and gun safety. He cares about inclusion and tolerance. He will support Israel, continue to fight BDS, and ensure the security of Jews in America and abroad. Make no mistake about it: Mike will ensure America’s commitment to Israel remains unshakeable.”

Congressman Max Rose, the first Jewish Member of Congress from Staten Island and United for Mike Leadership Council: “At a time of rising anti-Semitism both at home and around the world, we must be steadfast in combating hate in all it’s ugly forms – and that’s exactly what Mike Bloomberg has done and will do as President. I appreciate Mike’s personal and unshakable commitment to supporting Israel, while sharing the goal of finding longstanding peace in the region.”

Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, United for Mike Leadership Council Co-Chair: “After the devastating September 11 attacks on our homeland and on New York City, Mike Bloomberg stepped into one of the hardest terms a mayor has ever faced. I endorse Mike for President in 2020 because of what I saw in him as a leader willing to listen and learn, unafraid to grow and evolve in public. He not only brought back a deeply wounded New York City, leaving it stronger and more vibrant than ever, but he instituted bold, innovative policies that showed he cared about people trying to improve their lives.

“After leaving office as Mayor, Mike has shown national leadership on the issues we care about most, from climate change, gun safety, and health to education, economic opportunity, women’s rights, and so much more. He has not only created and supported countless organizations that work for the safety, health and opportunity of Americans, but he invests in the education and training of mayors and other leaders.”

Nachum Segal, President of the Nachum Segal Network, Host of JM in the AM, and speaker at today’s United for Mike kickoff event: “I first met Mike Bloomberg in 2001 as he took the reins of the city in the aftermath of September 11th, at a time when no New Yorker knew if it was the end or a new beginning, but because of his leadership New York is once again flourishing as it never has before. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to Israel with him when he represented the United States at Yad Vashem. I know Mike’s leadership capability, I know Mike’s values, and I know that’s what we need in Washington right now. I am proud to support Mike Bloomberg.”

Marc J. Shapiro, United for Mike Leadership Council Co-Chair: “I like Mike because he epitomizes Jewish values – respect for others, help your neighbor and leave the world a better place. Admiral McRaven says that America’s greatest strength, more important than any battleship, is to exhibit values that are admired and respected around the world. Mike Bloomberg is the man who can restore those values and make us proud to be Americans again.”

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Rabbi and New York Times Bestselling Author, United for Mike Leadership Council, and speaker at today’s United for Mike kickoff event: “Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of the Fathers, teaches that ‘it is not your responsibility to complete the task, that is, of perfecting the world, but that does not free you from doing all that you can.’ Michael Bloomberg is a man who does all that he can, and, like the biblical figure for whom he is named, Mordechai, he motivates the people around him to do all that they can as well. And, Michael Bloomberg intends to do that for all of us in 2020.”

Mayor Enid Weisman of Aventura, FL and United for Mike Leadership Council: “As a proud American, I am excited to support Mike Bloomberg. I look forward to helping to elect the first Jewish president in our nation’s history. Mike exemplifies the best of American values – generosity, service to the community, and a commitment to creating a more just and inclusive world for all of us. Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of his campaign. He cares about this country and he deeply cares about Israel. We need his inclusive leadership now more than ever.”

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