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Mike Bloomberg Calls for the Removal of Trump in New Impeachment Ad

January 21, 2020

New TV ad campaign is running in 27 states, including those where Republican Senators are up for re-election

NEW YORK – The Mike Bloomberg 2020 Campaign today began airing a new TV ad calling on Republicans to vote for the removal of President Trump.

Mike has been running a national campaign to beat Trump, whose impeachment trial begins today. The new TV ad is running nationwide in 27 states and nationally on MSNBC, CNN and ESPN. The 30-second far-reaching ad will also air in the states represented by Republican senators facing competitive re-election bids: Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina and Texas.

“It’s time for the Senate to act and remove Trump from office,” Mike said in the ad. “And if they won’t do their jobs, this November, you and I will.”

After the House Democrats impeached Trump in December, Mike praised the vote, saying the House did its duty under the Constitution. Mike said the evidence of wrongdoing is overwhelming and that, if he was a senator, he would vote to convict Trump.

In the ad, Mike says: “I am running to defeat Donald Trump,” before referencing a speech he gave at the 2016 Demoncratic National Convention in Philadelphia. “In 2016, I warned that Donald Trump was a dangerous demagogue,” he says.

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