Mike Bloomberg 2020

Career & Technical Education

Giving people skills to succeed.

Mike has worked hard to create and expand pathways to good jobs and career success. Many students who do not go to college leave high school unprepared for the workforce. As mayor and as a philanthropist, Mike has launched and supported programs that help more students graduate with the skills they need to succeed in careers. As president, Mike will invest in pathways that create new opportunities and access to well-paying jobs for all Americans.

Mike's Record on Career & Technical Education

  • Through Bloomberg Philanthropies, Mike is supporting organizations that help connect high school students with skills and experience. So far over 2,000 students around the country have received skills training for high-demand jobs, and Mike’s support will help train 20,000 more students by 2022.
  • As mayor of New York City, Mike created innovative new high schools that combine work experience, internships, and career credentials with a traditional curriculum.
  • Mike launched and expanded programs to help young people get internships to learn digital skills and gain work experience. A paid internship program to help lower-income students in community college gain skills and access to good jobs.
  • Mike has supported the transition to clean energy in the coal regions of West Virginia through a program that created 200 new jobs in forward-looking industries – including energy efficiency, sustainable construction, and local agriculture – and provided skills training to more than 1,000 people.
  • Bloomberg LP joined forces with the Fortune Society to create a paid internship program for people who were formerly incarcerated and face obstacles to full-time employment.