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Climate Change and Clean Energy

Fossil fuels are polluting the air we breathe and changing the world we live in. Too often, low-income communities and communities of color are most affected. The good news is that our economy has started to move toward a 100% clean energy future. The bad news is President Trump denies climate change and works to support fossil fuel industries, making the problem worse. He withdrew from the Paris Agreement, undermining global efforts to solve the climate crisis. He has doubled down on his support for the coal industry by weakening EPA pollution standards and trying to make consumers bail out unprofitable coal plants. He also is working to repeal federal gas mileage and pollution standards and block states from setting stronger standards to promote electric vehicles.

Mike will immediately make tackling climate change one of his highest priorities by leading a nationwide push to rebuild American communities and infrastructure with 100% clean energy technology, reducing carbon pollution 50% by 2030 and to net-zero carbon by 2050 or sooner. He will propel the U.S. toward a 100% clean energy future by setting clean energy standards and pollution limits on coal and gas plants and by putting more affordable electric vehicles on the road.

How Mike Will Get It Done:

  • Restore America’s leadership in fighting the global climate crisis
  • Propel the United States toward a 100% clean energy future
  • Make environmental justice a national priority
  • Ensure 100% of new vehicles are pollution-free by 2035
  • Green our buildings to save Americans money on their heating and energy bills
  • Invest in projects to reduce and protect against climate impacts, including wildfires

Keep Up With Mike!

Keep Up With Mike

Keep Up With Mike!

Mike will lead America into a clean energy future.

Mike’s Plan:

Restore America’s leadership in fighting the global climate crisis

Mike will immediately rejoin the Paris Agreement, re-assert global leadership by laying out an aggressive plan for U.S carbon reduction, and rally other countries to o curb climate change. He will make climate change a priority of U.S. foreign policy. And he will protect the U.S. from climate-related security risks and protect the world’s most vulnerable people from the impacts of climate change.

Propel the U.S. toward a 100% clean energy future

Mike will accelerate the use of clean energy to replace power from fossil fuels. He will set limits on air and water pollution from power plants. He will invest in communities that have suffered most from coal pollution or have been left behind in the transition to clean energy. He will expand incentives to make clean energy affordable for all families. And he will quadruple the federal R&D investment in clean energy and end subsidies for fossil fuels.

Make environmental justice a national priority

Mike will make environmental justice a national priority. He will reverse Trump’s assaults on health and environmental rules. He will consult with tribes and community leaders; expand and improve data and mapping; and, in building a clean energy economy, prioritize affordability and jobs.

Mike will lead the fight against the global climate crisis and propel the U.S. toward a 100% clean energy future.

Ensure 100% of new vehicles are pollution-free by 2035

Mike will make electric vehicles affordable for all families. He will strengthen gas mileage and pollution standards for cars and trucks and add a national zero-emissions vehicle standard. He will reduce diesel pollution from trucks and buses and help businesses and school districts choose electric vehicles. He will build a network of charging stations along the interstate highway system. And he will invest in local and regional public transit systems.

Make our homes and buildings more energy-efficient and save Americans money on their heating and energy bills

Mike will create a national program to invest in upgrading homes and buildings to save energy and reduce pollution. He will set a 100% pollution-free goal for new homes and buildings by 2025. He will shift equipment and appliances from fossil fuels to clean energy to increase energy efficiency and reduce pollution. And he will make clean buildings affordable for everyone and make sure building investments create good jobs.

Invest in resilience projects across the country to reduce the risks climate change poses to our communities

Mike will invest in resilience projects around the country, prioritizing vulnerable low-income communities. He will lead a national effort to protect communities from wildfires. He will restore and protect natural areas, such as floodplains and wetlands, that can protect communities from flood and drought. He also will protect critical infrastructure and create an Infrastructure Resilience Finance Corporation to finance upgrades.

Fact or Fiction?
Mike Bloomberg has been a champion in the fight against climate change. He's a doer who has taken decisive action to reduce carbon emissions and put America on the path to clean power.

Mike’s Record:

Mike has an unparalleled record fighting the global climate crisis.

After President Trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, Mike co-founded America’s Pledge with former California Governor Jerry Brown, mobilizing a coalition of cities, states, businesses and organizations to uphold America’s commitment to reducing emissions.

In 2014, Mike was appointed UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change. In 2018, his title was changed to reflect his expansive work with not just cities but also states, regions, nongovernmental organizations and businesses to combat climate change. Until late 2019, Mike was UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ Special Envoy for Climate Action.

In 2011, Mike helped launch the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign, which has helped close more than half of America’s coal-fired power plants, reducing pollution and helping coal-dependent communities transition to a clean energy economy. In 2019, he launched Beyond Carbon, the largest-ever campaign to combat the climate crisis in the U.S.

As mayor, Mike increased energy efficiency and reduced New York City’s carbon footprint by 13 percent. He helped make the city’s air the cleanest it had been in 50 years.

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