Mike Bloomberg 2020

How Mike Will Get It Done:

  • Make two-year public college tuition-free for all 
  • Make four-year public college tuition-free for low-income students and affordable for the middle class
  • Provide funds to help the lowest-income students cover additional costs like childcare, books and food 
  • Formalize apprenticeship programs and increase opportunities for students to learn and earn at the same time
  • Help adult workers upgrade their skills
  • Restore fairness to college admissions

Keep Up With Mike!

Keep Up With Mike

Keep Up With Mike!

Mike’s Plan:

Remove Barriers to Higher Education

Mike plans to use a combination of incentives and federal funding to lower the cost of college – and reduce burdensome student debt. In addition to making two-year community college tuition-free for all students, Mike’s plan makes public four-year college tuition-free for low-income students and affordable for the middle class. He’ll do this by increasing maximum Pell grants, and awarding bigger grants to schools that are doing the best job of enrolling and graduating low and moderate income students. He’ll offer more federal funding to states, and provide incentives for schools to devote funds to help students find meaningful paid work experience and cover extra costs like books, food, and childcare – the true cost of attendance. Mike’s student-loan reforms will create a simpler, fairer system that enrolls all new undergraduate borrowers in income-driven repayment plans, so no one owes more than they can afford.

“Education is the key to truly fulfilling the promise of America as a land of opportunity for all.”

Increase the number of students graduating from college

Mike is committed to increasing the number of students who graduate from college – and to making America the world leader in post-secondary education completion rates. He’ll meet students where they are and provide funds for programs that integrate advising, scheduling, tutoring and childcare support – and other strategies proven to increase graduation rates. He’ll also pilot micro-completion grants for at-risk students who are close to graduating.

Make sure that education pays

Mike wants to be sure that the time students spend is worthwhile and that every student who graduates can earn a family wage. Mike knows that earning power is often tied to degrees and that we can help more people earn industry-recognized credentials and help those who’ve started degree programs – but gotten interrupted – get over the finish line. He’ll make sure that adult learners have the support they need to pursue more education and upgrade their skills.

Mike’s Record:

As mayor of New York City, Mike took over a failing school system and turned it into a national model of reform. His policies increased graduation rates by 42% at New York City public schools – with African-American and Hispanic students making the biggest gains.

Mike has also been a leader in efforts nationwide to increase the number of lower-income students at top colleges, and his national College Point program has connected 50,000 high-achieving, lower-income high school students to free college counseling.

As mayor, Mike also doubled the education budget and gave a 43% raise to teachers, because he believes in investing in people – and recruiting and retaining the best.

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