Mike Bloomberg 2020

How Mike Will Get It Done:

  • Ensure integrity of elections
  • Work with the intelligence community to address potential threats
  • Increase resources for election security

Keep Up With Mike!

Keep Up With Mike

Keep Up With Mike!

Mike’s Plan:

Ensure the integrity of our elections

Mike will work with Congress to mandate that all paperless voting machines are phased out and replaced with systems that leave a verified paper trail. He’ll require states to conduct statistically significant audits after every election and to publish the results publicly. And he’ll increase oversight of voting-system vendors to make sure that all Americans can have confidence their votes will be counted when they cast their ballots.

Anticipate threats to our election security—and work with states to stop them before it’s too late

Mike will ensure the federal government more closely collaborates with state and local officials to protect the integrity of our elections. To do this, Mike will create an Election Resilience Command Center within the Department of Homeland Security, which will be responsible for overseeing these efforts. He’ll also expand information-sharing efforts to ensure the intelligence community, state and local officials, and major social-media companies understand the threats they face. And he’ll require DHS to build a real-time alert system to protect the public from election intrusions.

American democracy can’t thrive unless our elections are safe from attack. Mike is committed to making sure every vote counts.

Get states the resources they need to secure our elections

Mike will provide states with the support they need to secure their election systems. Right now, the vast majority of states rely on antiquated voting equipment to conduct our elections; and many election officials say they lack funding for urgently needed replacements. As president, Mike will close this gap—and establish a continual funding stream from the Election Assistance Commission to help every state. He’ll impose safeguards to ensure these resources get into the right hands and are used for the right purposes. And he’ll initiate a major effort to ensure that all election workers have cybersecurity training.

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