Mike Bloomberg 2020

Political Reform

Fixing Washington.

Mike has always been independent from special interests – he has never accepted campaign contributions – and has worked to eliminate the corrosive power of money in politics. As president, Mike will clean up the mess in Washington by making political reform a top priority. He’ll work with Congress to overhaul the campaign finance system, stop pay-to-play, bring transparency to dark money, strengthen ethics and regulations around conflicts of interest, and improve access to the ballot – all of which he succeeded in doing as mayor of New York City.

Mike's Record on Political Reform

  • Mike expanded public financing of elections in New York City by increasing the matching rate for small donations from $4 to $6, which meant that a $25 donation resulted in a $150 public match.
  • Mike cracked down on pay-to-play by drastically limiting campaign contributions from individuals and entities that did business with government.
  • Mike supported passage of a law that required spending in referendum campaigns to be publicly disclosed.
  • Mike strengthened the New York City's ethics and conflicts of interest laws and forced lobbyists to disclose their contacts with city officials.
  • Mike made it easier to register to vote, created a web- and video-based voter guide, and supported efforts to allow voting on weekends.