Mike Bloomberg 2020

Voter Rights

Mike Bloomberg believes the right to vote is the fundamental right that protects all of the others. He believes attacks on voting rights are an attack on our Constitution and an insult to the generations of Americans who fought and continue to fight for civil rights. His plan to expand voting access in federal elections and ensure all Americans’ votes are counted will combat President Trump’s efforts to undermine the democratic process by expanding free and fair access to the ballot, preventing states from disenfranchising African-Americans, and ending partisan gerrymandering.

Mike’s Plan

The key pillars of Mike’s plan include:

Protecting Voting Rights for All Americans

Mike will fix burdensome voting laws and practices that make it more difficult for Black and Latino voters, Native Americans, transgender people, and people with disabilities to vote in federal elections. And he’ll end voter suppression by banning states from purging eligible voters.

Preventing Gerrymandering and Eliminating Partisan Influence in Elections

Mike will require states to establish independent redistricting commissions to draw federal congressional districts, through a transparent and inclusive process, that produces fair representation. This is especially important for communities of color that have long been disenfranchised by unfair, partisan redistricting.

Making It Easy for All Eligible Voters to Cast Their Ballots

Mike will make it simpler to vote by implementing uniform standards for federal elections across states, requiring policies like automatic voter registration and early voting, and ensuring the availability and accessibility of polling places.

Modernizing Election Infrastructure So Our Elections are Safe and Secure

Mike will upgrade election infrastructure and protect the integrity of our federal elections by mandating the use of state-of-the-art voting machines, providing training and technical assistance for election officials, and requiring the Department of Homeland Security to assess threats prior to elections.

Download Mike's Plan to Expand Voting Access


Mike’s Record

As Mayor, Mike proposed sweeping reforms to make voting easier for New Yorkers, including early voting, easier voter registration, and “no-excuse” absentee voting. He also supported the concept of nonpartisan elections to increase competition in local elections and give voters more choice, as many elections in New York are effectively decided in the primary.

As a philanthropist, Mike has supported voting rights. Plus, Mike has been an outspoken critic of Facebook’s policy to allow for patently false material to appear in political ads. He has also condemned President Trump’s embrace of foreign election interference.

By contrast, President Trump never misses an opportunity to undermine America’s election system. He has repeatedly called the 2016 election “rigged” and has made numerous unsupported, conspiratorial claims that millions of people, including many undocument immigrants, have been voting illegally. His  Presidential Commission on Election Integrity was dissolved after several lawsuits, but not before asking to Texas records for all voters with Hispanic surnames, a blatantly racist act. And the Trump Department of Justice reversed the federal government’s position on voter ID in support of laws which have been found by courts to be discriminatory against African-Americans.