Promoting Volunteerism

Since Mike Bloomberg started the NYC Service initiative in 2009, New Yorkers and visitors have volunteered more than 9 million times. The initiative has also engaged 1.6 million of the City’s public schoolchildren.

People have volunteered more than 9 million times as part of NYC Service initiatives.

NYC Civic Corps has engaged more 4 million volunteers who served more than 3.1 million clients. They have raised more than $2.7 million for nonprofit organizations.

NYC Service has engaged 1.6 million New York City public school children who completed more than 18,000 service projects.

NYC Service Initiatives

NYC Service

Launched in 2009, NYC Service inspired New Yorkers and visitors to volunteer more than 9 million times as part of the NYC Service.

Service in Schools

A partnership between NYC Service and the Department of Education, required every principal in New York City’s more than 1,500 schools to create a comprehensive plan at the beginning of the academic year to promote service in their school.

NYC Civic Corps

The Bloomberg administration created an AmeriCorps program uniting professional volunteers to assist nonprofits and City agencies in increasing their organizational capacity to engage volunteers and build sustainable service initiatives. In four years, NYC Civic Corps engaged more 4 million volunteers who served more than 3.1 million clients. They raised more than $2.7 million for nonprofit organizations.

Professional Volunteer Services

Through the Service Grant program, participating NYC nonprofits were granted professional pro bono volunteers to increase their organization’s capacity in the areas of marketing, leadership and strategic HR, information technology and management.


This initiative was developed to build the capacity of nonprofits in New York City by connecting them to a pool of prospective board members.

Love Your Block

Volunteer-led neighborhood groups from across the city could run projects to transform their blocks and help beautify New York City. It connected groups the departments of Parks and Recreation, Sanitation and Transportation to ease access to City services.

Support Our Troops

The program was launched to support veterans and troops actively serving our country.


A citywide initiative to plant one million new trees in New York City by 2017. More than 800,000 trees were planted by the end of 2013.

NYC Cool Roofs

This collaboration between NYC Service and NYC Department of Buildings promoted and facilitated the cooling of New York City’s rooftops. Applying a reflective surface to a roof helps reduce cooling costs, cut energy usage, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon emissions were reduced by 2,293, as a result of coating more than 5.7 million square feet of rooftops white by more than 5,000 volunteers.

Financial Empowerment

Volunteers could help their fellow New Yorkers gain critical income management skills in Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and free one-on-one counseling. More than $100 million in tax rebates were returned to New Yorkers thanks to more than 2,000 volunteer tax preparers.

Language Services

Multi-lingual New Yorkers were encouraged to volunteer with city agencies and assist them in providing interpretation and language services.

Legal Services

Volunteers connected people who wanted to use their time and skills to help New Yorkers with foreclosure, housing, consumer dept, and immigration.


TimeBanksNYC was a city-wide network allowing people to share their skills, learn new ones, spread their passions, and support their neighbors.

Mentoring for Achievement

New mentoring programs administered in partnerships with city agencies helped get and keep young people on track in school and life.

Serve Our Schools

Through this program, the number of adult volunteers who supported New York City’s public school through partnerships with local nonprofit organizations increased.

Shape Up NYC

his free fitness program was offered by NYC Service and the Parks Department.

Go Pass

This program offered nonprofits a simple, easy and reliable screening process for volunteers, which helped reduce costs across the sector and enhance safety and security.

Summer of Service

This new program encouraged youth participants that were a part of DYCD’s summer programming to volunteer and serve the community.