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Nothing is more important to our nation’s future – and to spreading equality and opportunity – than improving public education.

America used to lead the world in academic achievement, but we’ve fallen behind our peers. Too many schools are failing their students, and too many students are being denied the opportunity to succeed to the best of their abilities – particularly students from low-income families. That jeopardizes America’s future, and it contradicts the values we stand for as a nation. The right formula can greatly improve students’ odds for success: more accountability for school success, more choices for students, and more support for principals and teachers. We need to elect leaders who are willing to stand up for our kids and improve our schools, and to support educators who are bringing innovation to education.



November 2018

Mike Bloomberg made the largest ever contribution to any education institution in the U.S. with $1.8 Billion to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. The gift will be devoted exclusively to financial aid, allowing need-blind admissions and eliminating student loans in financial aid packages.


March 2016

Raise the Bar, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ partner America Achieves, launches its website,, providing Common Core aligned checkups for parents to explore how their child is doing and what they can do to help.


November 2014

An independent report confirms that students at small, specialized school – a signature education reform initiative under the Bloomberg Administration – are succeeding in large numbers. These schools raised graduation rates by more than 9 percentage points.

November 2014

Colorado and Michigan state fellowships launch with 50 state Fellows respectively. The program is an expansion of the America Achieves Fellowship program supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

October 2014

Bloomberg Philanthropies announces the College Access & Success Initiative, which aims to increase the number of high-achieving, low-and moderate-income students who apply to and graduate from top colleges. The program aims to directly help as many as 65,000 students.

September 2014

The Global Learning Network launches at an event with 320 educators from the United States and Spain, and highlights the growth in participation in the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA) from 126 in the pilot year to over 500 during the 2013-2014 school year.

September 2014

The Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Teacher and Principal Fellowship welcomes its third cohort, bringing the total number of educators to 180 in total. The fellowship programs aim to foster collaboration and elevate strategies for accelerating student achievement.

January 2014

Raise the Bar, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ partner America Achieves, launches an eight-month long pilot program and hosts a Parents weekend in Atlanta, GA to engage 80 parents from around the country in understanding what it means to have high expectations for kids.


October 2013

New York State Fellowship launched in Albany, NY with a cohort of 50 state Fellows.

September 2013

Bloomberg Philanthropies and partner America Achieves works with teacher fellows to launch a new Common Core website featuring free online resources geared toward helping teachers make the dramatic shift to the “Common Core” State Standards.

June 2013

The Women’s Opportunity Center in Kayonza, Rwanda opens thanks to Bloomberg Philanthropies support. The Center, made using nearly half a million clay bricks handmade by women trained with Bloomberg Philanthropies funding, provides training, employment and business opportunities.

June 2013

The State Education Department announces a new teacher evaluation system for New York City schools – a great victory for students and the Bloomberg Administration. With this decision, New York City now has the strongest teacher evaluation system in the State.

April 2013

Mayor Bloomberg announces that 78 new schools will open in September at the start of the 2013-2014 school year. The new schools are among the 656 opened since 2002, including 173 charter schools. The Bloomberg Administration created more new schools than any other administration in City history.

April 2013

Bloomberg Philanthropies and partners complete the pilot OECD Test for Schools for 100 U.S. high schools to compare their performance to that of other nations. The assessment is made available to every high school in the United States.

March 2013

To help create a pro-education reform majority on Louisiana’s Board of Education, Mike Bloomberg personally supports candidates running for seats on the Board who were dedicated to advancing student outcomes through strong policy.


August 2012

The second cohort of Fellows join the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Teacher and Principal Fellowship, bringing the total number of educators to 107.


September 2011

Bloomberg Philanthropies partners with America Achieves to launch a series of fellowship programs for educational leaders to collaborate, spread effective best practices, and ultimately play a more direct role in shaping education policy.


July 2010

A new study shows that small, specialized New York City high schools are outperforming larger, more traditional schools. The Bloomberg administration closed dozens of large, failing high schools and replaced them with more than 200 small schools.