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BlackPAC and Michael Bloomberg Announce Digital Campaign to Mobilize Black Voters in Florida to Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

BlackPAC’s Digital Campaign Supported by $4.07 Million contribution from Mike Bloomberg

BlackPAC and Mike Bloomberg today announced the expansion of the ongoing efforts to reach voters in Florida through digital ads focused on mobilizing the Black community to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

This $4.07 million investment, funded by Mike Bloomberg, supports BlackPAC’s efforts to reach and mobilize Black voters in Florida. In partnership with Bloomberg and Priorities USA, BlackPAC is also currently running a $3.4 million television ad campaign specifically focused on reaching Black voters. In partnership with Bloomberg and Unite the Country, BlackPAC earlier this month launched a $2.1 million radio ad campaign on Black and Caribbean radio across the state.

The digital campaign focuses on voter education and encouraging early voting and absentee ballot drop off, persuading and motivating Black men, and mobilizing all Black voters in support of Joe Biden and Kamala.

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“Heading into the final stretch of this campaign, BlackPAC is committed to reaching every Black voter in Florida that we can because we know this election is going to be close and Black voters can be the margin of victory,” said Adrianne Shropshire, executive director of BlackPAC. “We know that Mike Bloomberg is as committed to mobilizing Black voters as we are and we’re proud to be expanding this partnership to include reaching out to voters online in addition to television and neighborhood canvassing. We’re not taking any votes for granted as we work to send Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to lead our country on a new path.”

“Florida may once again be the state that decides this election – and Black voters in Florida, specifically, can help ensure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the next president and vice president of the United States,” said Mike Bloomberg. “With ballots already being cast, every moment between now and election day is critical, and I’m glad to support BlackPAC as they work to turn out the vote for Joe and Kamala.”

This is part of Mike Bloomberg’s commitment to spend $100 million in Florida to support Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump through advertising and a strong ground game to get out the vote.


About BlackPAC
BlackPAC is an independent, Black-led organization that uses the power of year-round political engagement and elections to change our economic, justice, and political systems. Since its founding in 2016, BlackPAC has helped galvanize Black voters to the polls to elect Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorneys General, US Senators, and State Legislators. We are committed to long-term, sustained engagement with Black voters by building lasting political infrastructure. We’re holding our public officials accountable to a policy agenda that defends our rights, promotes dignity, and ends white supremacy. Read more about BlackPAC’s impact here:

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