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Independence USA PAC Airs Five Ads in Texas to Get Out the Vote for Joe Biden

Like We’ve Never Seen It,” “Texas On The Rise (Spanish Language)” “Valentia (Spanish Language),” “Picture” and “Economy” Will Air on Broadcast and Cable

This week, Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC began airing five ads in markets across Texas including, “Like We’ve Never Seen It,” “Texas On The Rise” “Valentia,” “Picture” and “Economy.” The TV ads are part of an effort to encourage voters to cast their ballots for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Texas. All TV ads will run statewide on broadcast and cable.

Like We’ve Never Seen It” focuses on Donald Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Donald Trump is still ignoring the facts,” the ad says. “Hospitalizations in El Paso have tripled over the past few weeks and Donald Trump is still ignoring the facts.” Using record high statistics of COVID-19 deaths and infections, “Picture” also calls out Trump’s irresponsibility as president and disregard for CDC mask recommendations.

The Spanish language ad, “Texas On The Rise” also discusses Donald Trump’s dismissive attitude towards the COVID-19 virus and those who’ve been impacted in Texas. The ad uses quotes from instances where Trump has ensured the virus will disappear to make the case that “things aren’t getting better, rather they are getting worse and we are suffering.”

Valentia” is a co-branded Spanish language ad in partnership with Somos PAC that highlights Joe Biden’s ability to lead in a crisis. Using examples from the great recession and Ebola’s threat, the ad shows Joe Biden as the leader who can fight for America and push the nation forward during this crisis.

Lastly, the ad “Economy” emphasizes that Joe Biden is a president for the middle class. “Joe Biden will help us get ahead,” the ad says. “A tax cut for the middle class, more money in our pockets. A president to rebuild our economy. A president for the middle class.”

This is part of Mike Bloomberg’s commitment to spend $15 million in Texas and Ohio to support Vice President Joe Biden. Independence USA PAC’s ads will run daily statewide through Election Day across all Texas and Ohio media markets and are geared towards both persuasion and mobilization in support of Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump.

Mike Bloomberg previously committed $100 million to support Biden in Florida through Independence USA as well as other Democratic groups with advertising and a strong ground game to get out the vote.

About Independence USA PAC
Independence USA PAC is a Mike Bloomberg-funded effort to support candidates and referenda in local, state and federal races across the country, with a focus on issues including gun laws, the environment and education policy. To learn more about Independence USA PAC, visit

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