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Independence USA PAC Airs Florida Ads Combating Misinformation on Socialism and Communism

New Spanish Language Spot “Ellos Lo Son” Will Air in the Miami Market

New Fox News TV Ad Buy to Combat Rampant Misinformation on Socialism, Particularly Among Cuban Voters

This week, Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC began airing a new Spanish-language ad, “Ellos Lo Son,” featuring Cuban-born anti-Communist author and journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner. The TV ad will run in the Miami Market on broadcast and cable. The PAC also has a Fox News specific buy in Miami for “Ellos Lo Son” and previously aired “Somos Patriotas,” including English subtitles.

Carlos Alberto Montaner is an ex political prisoner and expert on the rise of socialism and communism. “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not socialists or communists,” Carlos Alberto Montaner says in the ad. “I’ve spent many, many years as an exile, and I recognize perfectly those that are the friends of liberty. Here they are.”

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the right priorities for Florida families,” said former Mayor of Miami Manny Diaz. “Carlos Alberto Montaner knows that Biden and Harris are the ones to vote for in this election – because they value our democratic ideals and will restore America’s place as the global leader for freedom and democracy.”

This is part of Mike Bloomberg’s commitment to spend $100 million in Florida to support Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump through Independence USA as well as other Democratic groups through advertising and a strong ground game to get out the vote. Independence USA PAC’s ads will run daily statewide through Election Day across all ten Florida media markets and are geared towards both persuasion and mobilization in support of Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump.



About Independence USA PAC
Independence USA PAC is a Mike Bloomberg-funded effort to support candidates and referenda in local, state and federal races across the country, with a focus on issues including gun laws, the environment and education policy. To learn more about Independence USA PAC, visit

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