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Michael R. Bloomberg Statement on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2021

This week, at the dawn of a vitally important new era in American leadership, U.S. troops are stationed in the Capitol for the first time since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was fatally shot more than 50 years ago. So today, our reflections on Dr. King’s leadership carry an even greater urgency.

Dr. King led us toward a more just society and a more perfect union, and while this past year underscored just how far we must still march, it also galvanized even more people to raise their voices and take action.

At Bloomberg Philanthropies, we are committed to bringing people together to advance economic justice and reverse years of underinvestment in Black communities – and we created the Greenwood Initiative to help us do just that. Through this work, we will continue to honor the legacy of a man who devoted his life to extending the promise of America to all, and whose dream still leads us onward.

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