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Mike Bloomberg Delivers Remarks at Dinner in Honor of the One Planet Summit

The following is the text of Mike Bloomberg’s speech as prepared on Monday, December 11th, 2017 in Paris, France.

“Good evening, everyone. It’s a pleasure to welcome you tonight to this dinner — and I want to thank the host of tomorrow’s One Planet Summit, President Macron, for bringing us all together. I want to thank Madame Macron as well, and Sylvie Bach, the President of the Grand Palais, for her hospitality this evening.

“It’s great to see so many world leaders here tonight, including 20 heads of state and many other leaders from countries around the globe. Thank you all for coming – and for your commitment to tackling one of the most difficult issues the world has ever known.

“Two years ago, the world came to Paris to declare its commitment to fighting climate change. Now, many of us have come back to say: No matter what any one nation may do, or what any one president may say, we remain committed to the Paris agreement. I know that’s true of your nations – and true of mine, too. The American people strongly support the Paris Agreement, and over the past year, thousands of city, state, and business leaders have come together to support it.

“Those are the groups that have allowed the U.S. to reduce our emissions by thirteen percent over the past decade – and those are the groups that will allow us to fulfill our Paris pledge, even without support from Washington. Along with California Governor Jerry Brown – who’s here with us tonight – we’ve organized these groups into a coalition called America’s Pledge. And last month in Bonn, we delivered our first climate progress report – so the world can hold us accountable for meeting our targets.

“Around the world, cities, regions, and businesses are playing a leading role in driving down emissions. They know that fighting climate change makes us healthier by cutting air pollution; it saves us money, by reducing our energy use; and it drives economic growth, through the construction of modern infrastructure.

“Everyone in this room recognizes that as well – and President Macron’s victory earlier this year was also a triumph for global cooperation not only on climate change, but on all the challenges we face – from trade to refugees to terrorism. He’s been an important voice for international partnerships, and I want to thank him for organizing tomorrow’s summit – and for all his leadership on climate change: President Emmanuel Macron.”

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