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Mike Bloomberg Gives $500,000 to Votar Es Poder PAC and Poder Latinx’s Get Out the Vote Efforts

Bloomberg Partners with Poder Latinx, the Largest Latinx Civic Engagement Organization in Florida

ORLANDO, FL — Mike Bloomberg announced today that he will donate $500,000 to Votar Es Poder PAC, as part of his commitment to spend $100 million to support Joe Biden and defeat Donald Trump in Florida ahead of the 2020 election.

As Florida’s largest Latinx-focused civic engagement group based in Orlando, Poder Latinx has already engaged in 2.5 million phone and text conversations with voters discussing the importance of this election and encouraging their participation. Before the pandemic, Poder Latinx registered over 33,200 Latinx Florida voters. By Election Day, they expect to reach 5 million times more Latinx voters in the state.

This funding will increase Poder Latinx’s footprint and add to its upcoming canvassing, including the launch of a door-knocking campaign to engage Latinx voters across Florida.

“With Florida voters across the state already receiving their ballots – and with Florida potentially playing a decisive role in the election – direct voter outreach in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is crucial right now,” said Mike Bloomberg. “The last debate made the stakes of this election abundantly clear – and presented Floridians with a choice between a leader who wants to bring the American people together and a president who wants to tear us apart. I’m supporting Votar Es Poder PAC’s efforts to help get this country back on track by turning out the vote for Joe and Kamala in Central Florida.”

“We are grateful for Mayor Bloomberg’s added support to expand our footprint across Florida. With this additional funding, we can deepen our Latinx outreach and increase our final ground door knocking push in the critical central Florida area,” said Esteban Garces, Treasurer of the Votar Es Poder PAC. “During the last year, our organizations conducted hundreds of thousands of phone conversations with our community members to learn their concerns. As the pandemic spread, so did the fears of infection, particularly in homes of Latinos who became disproportionately impacted, as jobs on the frontlines made them more susceptible to illness and death. COVID-19 also exposed the systemic inequity of health care, jobs and wages, and education for their children, motivating Latinos to demand change. Our communities are ready to help deliver Florida’s 29 electoral votes to the only candidate in this race who will lead that change: Joe Biden,” Garces added.

This is part of Mike Bloomberg’s commitment to spend $100 million in Florida through Independence USA and other Democratic groups to support Vice President Joe Biden in defeating Donald Trump with statewide advertising through Election Day and a strong ground game to get out the vote in communities across Florida.


About Poder Latinx (Voter es Poder PAC)
Poder Latinx’s mission is to build a political wave of voters where the Latinx community, immigrants, and people of color play a key role in the transformation of the country and become decision-makers in our democracy. Through innovative partnerships, issue-based organizing, and leadership development, Poder Latinx is rapidly expanding the U.S electorate with new and low propensity Latinx voters.

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