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Mike Bloomberg Statement on Nevada Passing Background Check Legislation

“The people of Nevada have twice voted in favor of gun safety background checks – first by passing a 2016 statewide referendum, and then in 2018, by rejecting the leaders who wrongly refused to implement it. The legislature and Governor Sisolak have sided with the people over the gun lobby, and the common sense law they adopted today will save lives. Nevada is the latest proof that the will of the American people will not be ignored when it comes to gun safety. Across the country, Americans – including gun owners – have long favored stronger background checks and other safeguards. What is different now is that millions of parents, survivors, students, and community leaders are organizing and demanding action – I’ve been glad to support them – and electing candidates who will deliver. Today, Governor Sisolak and Nevada’s legislature delivered, and that’s great news for the state and the whole country. Congratulations to the Governor and all the legislators who have done the will of the people and made Nevada safer and stronger.”


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