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Mike Bloomberg Statement on New E-Cigarette Data

“When we launched our campaign to protect kids from e-cigarettes a year ago, the vaping epidemic was spiraling out of control – and the single biggest reason was kid-friendly flavorings that lure and addict young people. Since then, cities and states that are home to more than 80 million Americans, including more than 17 million kids, have banned flavored e-cigarettes.

The new data shows that these measures make a big difference: Youth e-cigarette use has declined dramatically over the past year. But we still have a long way to go. Millions of kids still use e-cigarettes – and the FDA still has not taken action to ban all flavored products nationwide, as the president promised would happen before caving to pressure from tobacco lobbyists.

We have to keep up the fight – a generation’s health is at stake. In the absence of national leadership, city and state leaders will continue pushing for measures that prioritize the health of children over the profits of tobacco companies – and our foundation will continue to support them.”

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