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Mike Bloomberg Delivers Remarks at the Des Moines, Iowa Screening of New Film ‘Paris to Pittsburgh’

Remarks as prepared for Iowa premiere of Paris to Pittsburgh, Bloomberg Philanthropies latest film with RadicalMedia and National Geographic:

Good evening! Let me thank Mayor Cownie for welcoming us all here. And thank you all for joining us. We came to Des Moines because “Paris to Pittsburgh” features Iowans who are building a clean energy future – and I was glad to sit down with some of them today.

I’m also glad to report that yesterday, six cities across the country screened the film, including – you guessed it – Pittsburgh, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Charleston, South Carolina, and St. Paul and Minneapolis together.

On December 12th, the film will make its global broadcast premiere in 172 countries and 43 languages, thanks to National Geographic. So, I hope you’ll spread the word – and continue the conversation.

Our foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, produced “Paris to Pittsburgh,” and let me just take a moment to tell you why I thought it was so important that we make this film.

Ten days ago, a federal climate report came out, and it detailed how a warmer planet will cause hundreds of billions of dollars of damage in the coming decades.

For many years now, our foundation has been working to help communities move from coal-fired power plants to cleaner renewable energy. And we’ve been working to help local governments reduce their emissions in ways that save money and support economic growth.

If you read the news about America and climate change, it would be easy to think that we’re going backwards. And unfortunately, Washington has been trying to drag us backwards.

But believe it or not: We really are moving forward, because the American people are leading where Washington won’t, to help spread solutions from town to town and state to state.

We hope this documentary will show that – and give people hope.

When President Trump announced his intention to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, he said he wanted to help the people of Pittsburgh, not Paris. Pittsburgh’s mayor – my friend Bill Peduto – quickly corrected him.

Pittsburgh is a leader on climate action. So, Bill stood up and said: Actually, Pittsburgh is fully committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement. I’m glad to say hundreds of other mayors, governors, and business leaders have made that same pledge.

California Governor Jerry Brown and I have brought them all together under one umbrella, which we call “America’s Pledge.” Together, we would be the third-largest economy in the world, and we hope this documentary will lead even more communities to join us.

So, thank you again for coming – and for your support of climate action.


To read more about why Mike Bloomberg is visiting Iowa read the op-ed in the Des Moines Register here.

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