The New York Times: Bloomberg Expands Arts Grant Program to Seven More Cities

By Hilarie M. Sheets - MAY. 10, 2018

Bloomberg Philanthropies is investing $43 million in more than 200 small and midsize cultural organizations in seven cities — Atlanta; Austin, Tex.; Baltimore; Denver; New Orleans; Pittsburgh; and Washington. “We wanted to reach cities that we thought had a really strong mix in the way they were serving up arts and culture,” said Kate Levin, who oversees arts programs at Bloomberg Philanthropies.

The funding is an expansion of the Arts Innovation and Management program, initiated by the former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2011. The program has already given $65 million to some 500 smaller organizations across theater, visual arts, music, film, literature and dance in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Chairman of the Serpentine Gallery in London, UK


The arts play a vital role in bringing new energy to cities – along with new visitors and more economic activity.

  • Increasing access to arts and culture is essential to improving lives in cities everywhere.

    Support for the arts is about connecting people with culture by making it as accessible to the greatest number of people.

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