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Op-Ed: Trump Lost. Republican Leaders Need to Say So.


By Mike Bloomberg

Could anyone have doubted that Donald Trump would go out like this?

Having lost the election decisively — by 74 votes in the Electoral College, and by 6 million and counting overall — he has availed himself of every imaginable scheme to undermine the vote’s legitimacy and obscure what was plainly a fair and square victory for his opponent, President-elect Joe Biden.

How does anyone know the outcome was fair? State election officials in both parties from coast to coast have said so. Federal prosecutors have said so. Voting-machine vendors and testing labs have said so. The Election Assistance Commission has said so. Along with the rest of the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council, the president’s own Homeland Security Department has called this election “the most secure in American history.”

Even Trump’s lawyers have implicitly conceded the fact. Despite filing more than two dozen lawsuits, they’ve been unable to produce a shred of evidence for their invented and often contradictory claims about electoral misconduct. In several cases, they’ve affirmed in court that they had no such proof. As Senator Ben Sasse, one of the few Republicans to oppose this charade, put it: “When Trump campaign lawyers have stood before courts under oath, they have repeatedly refused to actually allege grand fraud — because there are legal consequences for lying to judges.”

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