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Op-Ed: We Need Our Schools to Stay Open This Summer. Only Biden Can Make It Happen.

By Mike Bloomberg

We are facing the greatest challenge to public education since some states and districts defied the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education and refused to integrate their schools. The evidence that remote learning has been disastrous for children, especially those from low-income families, could not be clearer. Students have effectively missed a year of school, and many were already far behind to begin with.

The harmful effects could haunt them, and our country, for generations, worsening racial income and wealth gaps that are already far too wide — unless we take bold and urgent action now.

Over the past year, many Democrats have expressed exasperation, myself included, at Republican leaders who refused to follow the scientific evidence and support the wearing of masks — a tragic abdication of leadership that has cost many people their lives. And yet, this year, too many Democratic leaders have balked at following the scientific evidence that strongly supports reopening schools. And this time, there will be many more victims, all young, with Black and Latino children suffering the most.

Reopening public schools without delay is crucial to both civil rights and economic justice. It has been encouraging to see President Biden heed calls to push states to prioritize vaccinations for teachers, which will help persuade more of them to return to the classroom, and to take a more active role in encouraging reopening. He should make it clear to states and districts that the time for excuses is over.

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