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SCOTUS Upholds DACA, Protecting Hundreds of Thousands of Dreamers

Today, the Supreme Court ruled against the Trump Administration’s move to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, protecting the approximately 700,000 Dreamers who are DACA recipients from deportation and allowing them to continue to live and work legally in the United States.

The following is Mike Bloomberg’s statement on the Court’s vote:

“Justice has prevailed: Hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, who lived in fear of deportation every day, can now feel safe in their own communities. In recent weeks, Americans have seen the courage of Dreamers in every facet of our society—as they’ve saved lives in hospitals, found new ways to teach students from home, and continued serving in our military. These heroes are more than essential workers. They’re essential to our character as a nation and our future as an economic power. This Supreme Court ruling is a critical step toward affirming that, but it must only be the beginning. Congress must pass legislation ensuring that Dreamers can permanently stay, work, and ultimately gain citizenship, with the full rights and protections they have earned. Today’s 5-4 vote in the court was an important rebuke of the President, but even more important will be our vote in November.”

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