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Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Nominates Michael R. Bloomberg to Chair The Defense Innovation Board

Washington, DC – Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has nominated Michael R. Bloomberg, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who served three terms as Mayor of New York City, to chair the Defense Innovation Board and provide the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and other senior leaders advice on accelerating innovation in the Department and adoption of technology to meet current and future challenges.

“Michael Bloomberg brings a wealth of experience in technology, innovation, business, and government to the Defense Innovation Board,” said John F. Kirby, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, who announced the nomination. “His leadership will be critical to ensuring the Department has access to the best and brightest minds in science, technology, and innovation through the team of diverse experts he will lead as the Chair of the board. We are grateful for his willingness to serve.”

“Innovation and adaptability are absolutely critical at any large organization, and there is no organization bigger or more complex than the Department of Defense,” said Mr. Bloomberg. “With rapid advances in technology happening alongside rapidly evolving threats to our national security and the safety of our service members, our largest government agency must also be our most forward-thinking. I’m honored to work with Secretary Austin, Deputy Secretary Hicks, other senior Defense Department leaders and innovators from government and business to help bring new ideas and outside perspective that can help protect Americans and our values, interests, and allies around the world.”

In government and business, Mr. Bloomberg has led large organizations through managerial, structural and technological change. He is the Founder of Bloomberg L.P., a technology company with tens of thousands of employees dedicated to bringing greater transparency and fairness to the financial system.

At a time when personal computers barely existed forty years ago, Mr. Bloomberg created the Bloomberg Terminal, which revolutionized the world of business and finance. Since then, Bloomberg L.P. has built complex tools and technologies, brought diverse constituencies together, and disrupted markets by creating level playing fields to help accelerate economic growth.

Mr. Bloomberg previously served for three terms as the 108th Mayor of New York City, leading the city’s resurgence after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. He spurred economic growth and record levels of job creation by revitalizing old industrial areas, helping small business open and expand, and connecting New Yorkers to new skills and jobs. Thanks to policies he put in place to diversify the economy and build the technology sector, the city recovered from the Great Recession far faster and stronger than the country overall.

Mr. Bloomberg is also the Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies, one of the nation’s largest foundations which employs a unique data-driven approach to global change. Mr. Bloomberg also serves as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, as well as the WHO Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries.

The Defense Innovation Board, established in 2016 under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, provides independent recommendations to the Secretary of Defense on emerging and disruptive technologies and innovative approaches that the Department should adopt to operate with greater speed and agility and ensure U.S. technological and military dominance. The Board is comprised of renowned-experts and leaders from across the nation who provide diverse insights on technology and innovation to addresses the Department’s highest national security priorities. Further information can be found at


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