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Statement of Michael R. Bloomberg on the Death of Artist Christo

Death of Artist Christo

“Today we lost one of the true visionary artists of our time, my friend Christo. Along with his partner Jeanne-Claude, Christo conceived of projects that seemed unimaginable, and together they redefined what’s possible. His public works brought so many people together to experience them, including ‘The Gates’ in Central Park, which our administration strongly supported, helping Christo realize a vision he had conceived decades before. Christo inspired us with his brilliance and originality, and his works will continue to do so for decades to come.”

You can learn more about Christo in an article from the Associated Press: Christo, Artist Known for Massive, Fleeting Displays, Dies

And in our video about the London Mastaba and its coinciding exhibit at the Serpentine Galleries in 2018: Public Art Enhancing Cities: The London Mastaba by Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

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