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Statement of Mike Bloomberg on Automakers Siding with Trump Administration on Emissions Fight

It is now clear which automakers have learned the lessons of the past — American consumers reward automakers that offer better fuel efficiency — and which have not. Both GM and Chrysler required a government bailout and takeover during the Great Recession, in no small part because they failed to compete on fuel efficiency. And now they, along with Toyota, Mazda, and Mitsubishi are dragging their feet again, ignoring both market trends and the climate crisis. Ford, Honda, BMW of North America, and Volkswagen have all agreed to comply with the higher fuel efficiency standard adopted by California and other states. The short-sighted decision by some automakers to oppose them puts taxpayers on the hook once again, as climate change imposes major costs on both the economy and the public purse. I will continue to support the state attorneys general that are fighting to protect their citizens from the Trump Administration’s dereliction of duty on health and climate change.

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