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Statement on the Passing of Robert Morgenthau

Robert Morgenthau dedicated his life to making New York a safer and more just city, and he played a central role in bringing crime down to historic lows. He served with unwavering integrity, a deep sense of fairness, and a commitment to equal justice that voters rewarded again and again. Our administration benefited from the extraordinary training he provided to talented young assistant district attorneys, a number of whom went on to help shape our criminal justice strategies. His determination to drive down crime even in the days when many people were skeptical it could happen helped save many lives — and it put New York on course to become the safest big city in the nation. When it came to crime, he was as tough on those who carried guns as he was on those who wore pinstriped suits. After leaving office, he remained an eloquent voice on gun safety and immigration reform. Few have served so honorably and effectively over so long, and his legacy will be felt for many years to come.

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