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Unite the Country Launches Closing Ad “Trust” featuring Cindy McCain

McCain Shares How Joe Biden will Protect Service Members as President

Today, Unite the Country (UTC) launched a closing advertisement featuring Cindy McCain, the wife of late U.S. Senator John McCain. In the ad, “Trust,” McCain highlights Joe Biden’s long history of honoring the sacred responsibility to protect our troops.

“The brave Americans who serve our country deserve a president who values their commitment to our nation,” said Amanda Loveday, chief of staff of Unite the Country. “Vice President Biden will always protect them because he knows what it is like to send a child off to fight.”

“I’ve personally admired John McCain for as long as I can remember,” said Steve Schale, CEO of Unite the Country. “It was an absolute honor to work with Mrs. McCain and her team on this project, and we are truly appreciative that she would lend her voice to this critical moment in America’s history.”

Joe Biden has consistently been a champion for our service members and military families. As the father of a soldier who deployed to Iraq, he understands the obligation to protect soldiers abroad and cares for them when they come home. “John would trust Joe with our sons’ lives. And so will I.” Mrs. McCain says in the advertisement.

The ad will appear in Florida and Pennsylvania and is the latest in UTC’s extensive campaign focused on Biden’s record fighting for veterans and military families in partnership with Mike Bloomberg and Hawkfish.

Joe Biden has always fought for those who sign up to serve our country and their families. As president, Biden will relaunch Joining Forces, expand care and benefits, rethink and reinvent the Department of Veterans Affairs, and take seriously the crises of veteran suicide and homelessness.


Unite the Country
Unite the Country was formed to push back against the lies and disinformation being spread about former Vice President Joseph Biden by President Donald Trump and his allies. Our goal is to communicate to voters why Joe Biden is not only the best choice to defeat Trump in 2020, but is also the best candidate to restore honor and integrity to the White House and our nation.

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